Its all in your footwear !!

It’s hard to imagine but at some point in their life everyone has a problem with their feet.

being a podiatrist I see so many people with hard skin, corns and other injuries caused by bad footwear. a lot of these problems can be avoided by choosing the right footwear.

the main things to remember are:

1- Make sure you can wiggle your toes a little bit inside the shoe

2- Make sure you try both shoes on and walk a little in them. if they pinch or rub then consider whether to try a different pair or different size

3- Make sure they are made of leather or another material which allows it to mould to the shape of your foot

4- Try to buy shoes in the afternoon as you feet swell a little throughout the day and shoes that fit well in the morning may not fit so well in later in the day and become uncomfortable

5- if possible find a shop that offers a professional shoe fitting service, they can give you the advice you need to find the best pair for you.

6- most importantly make sure you buy the right pair for the job. High heals may look good but I wouldn’t want to walk up Snowdon in them.

and finally remember, you only get 2 feet use them wisely and look after them.